Continuing Education-Seminars-Training

In recent years, DI.KE.PS.Y systematically conducts training courses and seminars for mental health professionals (psychologists, child psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counselors, special educators, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists), students, teachers and parents.
All training at DI.KE.PS.Y is provided in the Greek language and courses and seminars are held every year in Athens (headquarters) but also in other cities in Greece and abroad (cooperation with institutions in Thessaloniki, Crete, Ioannina and Cyprus).
Moreover DI.KE.PS.Y provides the opportunity to those interested in further strengthening their knowledge/abilities to receive certain training remotely, either through distance learning or through e-learning programs which are also offered throughout the year.
After completion of the seminar or course, each trainee receives the complete presentation in CD form and a certificate of attendance for the specific program.
Some of the key Continuing Education Programs offered to Mental Health Professionals by DI.KE.PS.Y are the following:
  1. Continuing Education Program In Neo-psychoanalytical Theories: Object Relations Theory And Emotional Bond Theory (3-year program).
  2. Early Intervention  in Children with ASD (ABA) (annual)
  3. Advisory Skills Counselling in Specified Studies for Parents and Teachers
  4. Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia) Evaluation/ Treatment
  5. Neurocognitive assessment (WISC III)
  6. Projective-psychological testing (CAT-TAT-Child Drawing Assessment)
In addition, the center offers experiential and practical seminars aimed for students in the humanities, teachers and parents. These seminars include:
  1. Seminars for Teachers/Child Drawing Assessments
  2. Sexual Education and ASD
  3.  Play therapy and CBT for Children and Adolescents
  4. Seminar for Nursery (Kindergarten) teachers. The Autistic Child in Kindergarten. Recognition of Symptoms and Gradual Integration Techniques in the Classroom
  5. Autism and Game-SSIP (Social Skills Intervention Program)
There is detailed information for all programs on our website The site has updated information with the new training programs offered up to July of each year.
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